Victa Wheel Bearing Replacement/Upgrade

Change the wheel bearings on a Victa lawn mower by following this tutorial


Step 1

Remove the wheel cover with a flat head screw driver, also remove the e-clip with the flat head screw driver – be careful not to lose it as you may need it later.

Step 2

The wheel should now be able to be pulled off the shaft, also remove the bearing behind the wheel which should still be on the shaft. Remove the front bearing from the wheel with a flat head screw driver.

Step 3

Install a new bearing into both the front and back of the wheel, a hammer may help with this. Also place a washer on the shaft flush against the mower chassis. Place the wheel back onto the shaft – a hammer may again be helpful here – the end of the shaft should stick out enough for the e-clip to be re-attached, if not you may need to remove the washer at the back of the shaft.

Step 4

Finish by replacing the wheel cover and tapping it until it clicks in place.

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