Victa Blade Replacement

This Tutorial Demonstrates the process of replacing the blades on a Victa lawn mower, this is similar for most other mowers.


    • Replacement Blades
    • Socket Wrench – 15mm & 19mm Sockets (Depending on Mower)
    • Allen Key to Fit Blade Securing Bolt

Step 1

Remove Spark Plug lead for safety reasons.

Step 2

Lift up the mower, with the front wheels facing skyward. This insures oil does not flow into the intake or exhaust and cause trouble later.

Step 3

Either remove the main securing bolt and remove bolts securing blades, or remove blade bolts while still attached to the mower.

Step 4

Once bolts and blades have been removed, get your new blades and line them up with the base plate. The mower should spin anticlockwise and the blades should be placed in the direction shown in the video.

Step 5

Place the bolt and plastic washer through the blade. Then secure on to the plate using the metal washer and lock nut as shown in the video.

Step 6

Make sure all bolts are firmly tight and that the blades will move when a decent force is applied. If the blades are locked too tight and you hit a rock, or another solid object, it can shear your flywheel key or shatter the con-rod in your engine causing major damage.

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  1. Very instructive, thank you. I was wondering about the screwing direction of the center bolt holding the blade assembly. I understand that it is clockwise (standard) where the gyration of the blade is anti-clockwise.

  2. Extremely helpful and very clear instructions. It makes changing blades not such a dreaded task. Thanks for making the job such a lot easier.

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