briggs spark boot

Briggs and Stratton Spark Plug Boot Install

Replacement of a Briggs and Stratton spark plug boot.


    • Stanley Knife/Wire Strippers
    • Phillips Head Screw Driver
    • Flat Head Screw Driver
    • Scissors/Tin Snips
    • Replacement Spark Plug Boot (Click Here)

Step 1

Measure the old spark lead to ensure correct length, then strip back the rubber covering to expose the ignition wire. Crimp on the metal connection which accompanies the spark plug boot – ensure it is connected securely.

Step 2

Push the ignition lead through the replacement boot, if this is proving difficult it may help to loosen/stretch the hole with a screw driver. It may help to lever the cable into place with a screwdriver, sticking it into the metal piece at the end of the lead.
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