Briggs Start Cord

Briggs and Stratton Start Cord Replacement

Replace an old or broken start cord with a new one on a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower.


    • Socket Wrench – 10mm/12mm Socket
    • Flat Head Screw Driver
    • Scissors/Tin Snips
    • Replacement Starter Cord (Click Here)

Step 1

Undo the bolts holding the top cover in position, the are 4 easily visible, 2 at the front and 2 at the back. There is also another bolt at the bottom right hidden under the fuel tank. Once these have been removed disconnect the fuel hose and remove the top cover (if petrol is still in the fuel tank it will spill). The tap for oil needs to be pulled out too.

Step 2

If the old start cord is still present cut off the starter handle, also cut the knot preventing the rope being removed from the starter coil. Thread the new start cord through the hole from which the old one was removed (be careful to hold the starter coil in position so it doesn’t lose tension), tie a knot when the cord has been threaded almost the entire way through.

Step 3

Thread the opposite end of the starter cord through the starter handle and tie knot. Now you may release the starter coil, the handle should retract – if it doesn’t you will need to rewind the pullstart (click here for video). If everything is working with the starter you can now place it back on the engine and replace the bolts – the job is complete.

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  1. Seems pretty easy to replace the pull start cord…….good video explanation

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