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Briggs & Stratton Pull Start Rewind

In today’s tutorial we will be demonstrating how to repair a pull start commonly found on Briggs and Stratton engines. This 5hp engine‚Äôs pullstart is quite similar to many of the 3.5Hp models, so rewinding should be done in the same manner.


    • Needle Nose Pilers
    • Socket Wrench – 10mm and 8mm Fittings
    • Flat Head Screw Driver
    • Replacement Cord if Necessary
    • WD40 (lubricant)

Step 1

First we remove the cowling around the pull start and undo the three 8mm bolts

Step 2

Next, located under the left side of the fuel tank is a 10mm bolt, undo it and be carefull not to lose the spacer. Once the fuel tank is loose carefully remove the fuel line. Be aware that if your tank is full, petrol will flow out as soon as the line is removed.

Step 3

Once the fuel tank is off undo the four 10mm bolts and one 8mm on the pullstart cover, then remove and lay it on its face. Pry the cord up, spray some wd40, and slowly spin the cord clockwise, being careful to avoid any sharp points that will damage the cord. Do only 4-5 turns and check the cords tightness; if more is needed go 1 turn at a time – too many turns can damage the spring which is a more costly and difficult repair.

Step 4

Once the cord is wound tight reassemble.


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