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Cylinder Honing

Cylinder Honing

Here we show how to hone the cylinder of a lawn mower engine. In the video we demonstrate on a Victa engine, however the principles are the same for any other lawn mower engine. Tools/Parts: Cylinder Hone – 100m Length, Must Fit Bore 2(1/4) inch or 61.5 mm (Avaliable at Supercheap/Autobarn/Ebay) Electric Drill (more…)

Head Gasket

Victa Head Gasket Replacement

In today’s tutorial we will be demonstrating how Replace a Victa Head Gasket. this will demonstrate how to remove an old gasket, Clean up the Surfaces and Install the new gasket Tools/Parts: Replacement Head Gasket Sharp Chisel Sanding Block and Sandpaper – Between 200-600 Grit Depending On Damage To Head Or Block Socket Wrench – […]