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  1. I inherited a Victa Corvette that was sadly neglected. I would like to obtain a repair manual that would explain how to remove the crankshaft, conrod & piston assembly and flywheel.
    (It appears to have been run with out oil in the fuel?)
    Regards Robert.

  2. G’day,

    Was just wondering if you can still stock ignition coils for this model?


  3. Hi i have what looks like a Victa Corvette not sure which model, however, i have stripped the carby cleaned and assembled. Needle looks ok and diaphram also. I did away with contacts in the carby and replaced with a switch, all ok so far. Engine fired up at first pull but refuses to rev at top rpm running very eratically, droping and picking up repeatedly.
    I wonder if you could please help with this problem maybe coil or air leak not sure.
    Reg Bob W.

    • Hi Bob

      It is most likely to be either an air leak in the carby or a vacuum leak due to a worn out diaphragm, I would plug the hole where the kill wires go with some silicone and see if that makes any difference, Then I would change the O-rings on the manifold & the Diaphragm. It is also worth using a sewing needle to clean the small passage behind the brass jet which holds the primer cap in place.


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