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  1. hello

    is this used Victa supper 600 slasher for sale or wrecking?, I need a blade mounting disc.



    • Hi

      We don’t have any super 600’s in stock this image is used on a page to show what they look like, the blade mounting disc may be the same as other models if you send us a picture with some dimensions on the contact page we may be able to help you find the part.

  2. Do you have piston rings for a super 600?

    • Yes the piston is the same in the super 600 so our 160cc piston kit is suitable, The rings are available separately but are not listed on the site at the moment use the contact us page if you wish to purchase them.

  3. Ok, thanks for your reply

  4. Hi is the front axle still available the stub axles are so worn the wheels are all over the place. I am very keen to keep my mower the cut is fantastic. Thanks

  5. Hi I have a victa super600 and had carby problems I have replaced inner springs but can not get good revs out of it anymore. Is there a part no. for the spring size as I put a second hand one in and it may be wrong. Thanks heaps bob.

    • Hi Bob

      What color is the long spring that you have used, Different colors do have different tension but only a small variation, For greater rpm you want to have a higher tension spring on top of the diaphragm and ensure that no brass spacers are installed under the poppet valve. Also increasing air flow to the carburetor will usually increase rpm.

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