Victa Lawn Mowers

Victa Lawn Mowers – From Earliest to Latest

Over the last 50 years many many Victa lawn mowers have come about, and with all the fancy names: Tornado, Hurricane, Mustang, Commando, etc. It can be hard to know what spare parts suit your mower and if its different to similar models that may look the same.

Detailed Specifications for Victa Engines

Find out detailed information regarding the parts inside a Victa engine. Information within is for 125cc and 160cc engines, click here for more.

Early models beginning in the late 1950’s

This mower is a Victa 18 Rotomo from 1956, mowers from the late 50’s to late 70’s vary and change slightly. For more information click here.









Victa’s From 1970-80’s


This is a 1970 VC160 lawn mower. Models similar to this were released and improved upon during the 70’s, for more help identifying your model click here. The Victa twin was also released in the 1970’s, for more information on that specific mower click here.








1980’s to Today

In 1984 the new Victa Powertorque engine was created. Since the late 80’s Victa mowers have mostly changed in trim and not engine type. All 2 Stroke Victa’s, since 1984, use a variant of the Powertorque engine and the same spares apply for the whole range. Below are some pictures of many different Victa’s with the Powertorque Engine and G4 Carburetor. Information for these models can be found here.

images (1) IMG_0966 IMG_1230 IMG_1454 IMG_1554 IMG_1737 IMG_2047 IMG_2116 Photo 21-03-13 9 09 08 AM