Victa’s 70 Series

The following is a rundown of Victa’s during the 1970’s, mainly concerning the popular and mildly collectable VC-160. We are open to corrections or suggestions – should you have further, or more accurate information, feel free to contact us.

Victa 70 Series

The VC-160 was produced between 1970 to 1973 in a number of different generations. During it’s time it was revolutionary and the first Victa “Hi-Arch” mower, it ran the Victa 160cc engine (There was also some 125cc Variants) and with some major changes to the base plate this mower began a new era for Victa.

  • This first generation VC-160 MKI  had the following features:

G3 governed carburetor, trigger-release wind-up starter, came without a decompression valve. The mower was green, with a white cowl, and a plastic green cover fitted to the top of the cowl, covering the starter. It came with a Green  grass catcher, which was 20% larger than previous Victa Catchers.

The second generation, known as the series 70 MKII, was released in 1971 and came equipped with the following features:

A new zip starter, decompression valve and a retune to allow easier and quicker starting.

The third generation of the VC-160 MKIII featured:

An updated height adjustment lever, new handle folding latches, and a revised catch flap.

The G3 Carburettor was used during the first half of the 70’s on the series 70, MKI, MKII & MKIII engines. These were full crank engines, with the starter on top. The cylinders can be interchanged between all series 70 & 80 engines; by doing this you can convert to the G4 Carburetor, however it’s important that the cylinders and pistons be kept together and all gasket’s be replaced in this process. As the MKII did not have a decompressor valve it will have no place for this tube to connect from the G4 carburetor.

Other Utitily models where released during the 70’s and most can be identified by the type of carburetor they used whether it be the metal G3 or the plastic G4.


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