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  1. hi guys i have a commando KEYSTART mower and i need a bendix shaft for the starter motor. where can i get one cheers Mark

    • Hi Mark

      I have not seen them available as replacement parts, The best chance would be to find a used key-start mower and salvage the part, I doubt Victa will be much help as they are discontinuing the 2 stroke mowers shortly.

  2. Hi,
    I have a Commando Victa and the black tube off the top of the (I guess/assume) vacuum diaphragm assembly has broken off – what do I do about replacing that? I was hoping to find a picture of the engine so I could identify the part and then seek a replacement.

  3. hi have you guys ever heard of a victa trooper mower with a v30 engine pack?

  4. Hi. I have a Victa Commando and am looking for the height assembly. The “notch” that fits into the holes on the right hand side of the mower has broken. Please advise if these parts are available.

  5. hello.
    I have a Victa Commando that is 25 years old and runs like a dream. I even bought a new piston off you guys a while back, and had it shipped over to me.
    But sadly it looks like it could be coming to the end of it’s life. The chassis is rusting out. Most of it is fine. But up at the back where the left side of the handle bolts onto the case is rusting up big time. I have bolted in some steel over it, but I don’t think it’s going to last too long. There’s just too much moment around that area. On investigation It seems to be where they start to go, and I notice that you guys don’t ship cases or engines. So my trusty little mower may be coming to the end of it’s life, unless I can find another case somewhere. Four strokes are no good for me because I have a high bank to do. They don’t actually sell 2-strokes over here anymore. It all seems to be going electric now days. I don’t know how good they’re going to be. Time will tell.
    Anyway that’s my story.

    • Hi Ivan

      That is a common area of rusting, We could arrange to ship you a base however it would be very expensive due to the shipping costs. It would be probably be best to find a local welder who could weld some new sheet metal into the area.

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