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  1. Hi I need to rebuild the cabby what kit do I buy. Is it a G4 I am not sure

  2. Hi,

    Couple of questions.

    Were these also sold as a key start?
    Are these a 2 or 4 blade carrier plate?


  3. Hi, i’m trying to get a throttle cable for this but can’t locate one, do you have the part number or do you have one? ta.

    • Hi

      I may have one available second hand or Can order a new one I will need the measurements of the old cable from end to end. I will need both the inner cable and outer sheath measured.

  4. What coil fits these mowers ? I just purchased a jm5510 ignition coil and it seems to be “4 stroking “

  5. Just for information guys. Yes this did come with a key start option. I have one.

  6. HI

    I have a Victa Catch or Mulch Model Number MCA201E, which Service Kits do i buy.


    • Hi

      If you contact me directly at “support@pushmowerrepair.com” with some pictures of your mower I can point you to the right kit

  7. Hi, would I be able to bolt on a new Briggs & Stratton engine to the Victa chassis?

    • Yes it can be done but a spacer ring is usually required as the blades will sit too low with spacing the motor up higher

  8. I need to replace the mower blades on this model as I’ve just bought one. Can you tell me the replacement blades part number please?

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