Oil in Carburetor/Wrong Petrol In Mower

Learn how to repair a lawn mower that has oil in the carburetor or incorrect petrol in the carburetor.


    • Carburetor Cleaner
    • Oil Pump
    • Flat head screwdriver

Step 1

Use the oil pump to drain as much oil from the carburetor as possible or to empty the fuel tank in the case of incorrect fuel.

Step 2

Press the primer 10 times or tip some petrol in the carburetor then pull the starter 5-10 times to mix the fuel with the oil. if the mower does not start spray some carby cleaner or engine starter into the carburetor and try again.

Step 3

Allow the mower to run for 1-3minutes and the oil smoke should clear up and your mower should be back to normal.
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