spark plug

Spark Plug Cleaning/Inspection

Spark plugs are a common problem when it comes to fixing lawn mowers – learn the tips to cleaning and maintaining spark plugs.


    • Wire Brush
    • Spark Plug Spanner

Step 1

Once you have determined whether it is worth cleaning your spark plug over replacing it place it in a vice and go over it with a wire brush – don’t be too brutal as you may risk damaging the spark plug.

Step 2

To remove any dirt from inside the end of the spark plug spray it with some carburetor cleaner, soak it in petrol or use an air compressor if available.


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  1. Help. What is factory setting spark plug gap on 148 cc , 450 series motor

  2. Hi – all I did for my spark plug cleaning was use a piece of fine grit sandpaper and all was good. Didn’t have to check gap as I was gentle with the paper.

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