Victa 2 Stroke Fuel & Starting Tips

Learn some tips to keep your Victa lawn mower running pristine and starting as it should.


    • 2 Stroke Oil & Unleaded Petrol

Tip 1

When filling with petrol ensure a 25 part petrol to 1 part oil mixture. For example, in a 5L petrol can, 4.8L needs to be petrol, 200mL needs to be oil.

Tip 2

Try to avoid leaving your mower out in the elements this can extend wear and cause corrosion to your mower significantly reducing its life.

Tip 3

Always turn the fuel tap to the off position after you have finished using the lawn mower.

Tip 4

When starting your lawn mower, turn the fuel tap on, then wait a few seconds for the petrol to reach the carburetor before trying to start the mower. Prime the carburetor three times, then attempt to start.

4 Responses to “Victa 2 Stroke Fuel & Starting Tips”

  1. Hi, can you run your Victa mower on 50:1 petrol to oil mix if you use the synthetic two stroke oil?

    • Hi

      You should be able to run your victa 50:1 Using the synthetic two stroke oil, I do not know whether it will affect the reliability. I would assume the higher quality oil would make up for the lighter mix

  2. I always drain the mower fuel tank after use and put it into an air tight container. The fuel lasts much longer. left in the tank the fuel degrades through the breather and if left long enough it will not start or at least becomes very hard to start.

  3. I always start my mower with a spray of start you bastard and never had any problems ,I do let the fuel run dry after closing the turn off valve .

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