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Victa G4/LM Carburetor in Depth Dis-assembly guide

Here we show you how to dis-assemble a Victa G4/LM Carburetor.


    • Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Carburetor Cleaner
    • Multigrips

Step 1

Remove the main jet and and then carefully detach the Primer Cap, be mindful to keep track of the small parts and check them for damage as shown in the video.

Step 2

Examine the top of the carburetor for any cracks that may cause air leaks. Remove the top cover and be careful not to lose the spring.

Step 3

Next remove the retaining clip and inspect the diaphragm for damage or stiffness as shown in the video. Be careful not to lose the smaller spring under the diaphragm, then remove the lifter.

Step 4

Next remove and Inspect the poppet valve for any damage. Take a look at the ignition wires, there will be a rubber cover over top of one wire, and another wire holding this rubber cap in place – it must be removed before removing the rubber cap. When the rubber ignition cover has been removed you may remove the second wire – it should have a rubber plug covering its end.

Step 5

We will now remove the throttle cable. Turn the throttle to the stop position, remove the throttle clamp, then lift the now exposed throttle cable up and out of the groove in the carburetor body which holds it in place. With the throttle removed inspect the cam to ensure it moves smoothly.

Step 6

Finally ensure that there are no holes or cracks in the decompressor hose or the carburetor body.

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  1. Excellent presentation that cleared up a few of my questions. Thanks

  2. Great carburettor, pity that Victa got it so wrong, what were they thinking with the cam design profile


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