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Victa On/Off Switch Installation

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to bypass the Victa G4 carburetor ignition with a simple on off switch. This removes the constant need for service of the system the G4 carburetor uses. This is also the first thing to check if your lawn mower has no spark.


    • Wire Trimmers and Cutters
    • Electrical Tape
    • Cable Ties
    • Solder & Soldering Iron (Optional)
    • Phillips Head Screw Driver
    • Spark Plug Socket Tool
    • Drill
    • On/Off Switch & Wiring

Step 1

SRemove the top cover and place it aside.

Step 2

Twist the carburetor off and pull out one of the ignition wires, the black one is usually easiest.

Step 3

If your lawn mower previously had no spark (click here to watch video on testing spark plug), and if it now has a spark it means your G4 carburetor is worn out and the ignition wires are contacting. If you still have no spark your problem is likely the ignition module, which we will feature in future video.

Step 4

If your problem is the carburetor ignition, we can bypass it with a switch, making it much more reliable. To do this remove the second wire from the carburetor as shown in the video.

Step 5

Next, strip the wires and connect the extra wiring you have prepared. Then mount your switch and connect it to the wires, it will only matter which wire is connected to which if you have a toggle switch – reversing the wires will reverse the on/off parts of the switch.

Step 6

Create a hole in the cover of the lawn mower for the switch to mount to. Thread the wires through this hole, then connect them to the on/off switch and tighten the switch to the cover.

Step 7

Once the switch is installed you can replace the black rubber cover on the carburetor to stop dirt being sucked in.

6 Responses to “Victa On/Off Switch Installation”

  1. OK the switch is installed. What’s now. When should one turn it on and off? Your video doesn’t explain this.

    • The Purpose of the switch is to turn the ignition On or Off so you should turn it on if you want to start your mower and off if you’d like to turn your mower off.

      • what about preventing the hole in the carb from sucking air? i’m having issues with an LM carb sucking air & leaning out the mixture after trying a simpler version of this

        • Hi

          if it is causing your mower to run lean you can easily plug up the hole, either by buying the small rubber plug, using some duct tape or even some silicone anything that will stay in place and stop the air flowing.

  2. What type of on/off switch is required. i.e how many amps?

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