Victa’s Powertorque 1980’s to Today

The main change Victa mower’s went through after the 70’s and the VC 160 was to incorporate the early LM or G4 carburetor and electronic iginition. The mowers are quite similar to the 70’s, but with new updated trim. In 1984 Victa came out with the brand new redesigned Powertorque engine, this is still in use today with only minor changes in design since the early models. The Powertorque engine can be identified by its square shaped head and cylinder compared to the rounder cylinder on previous Victa engines; and all Powertorque engines come equipped with the black G4 carburetor.

There are many variations in name and trim for example: Commando, Hurricane, Vortex, Vantage and Corvette to list a few. There are also variations in engine packs from V35, V40 and V50. The V50 have slight changes to the intake piping giving the engine more torque. All these models use the same replacement parts. Some more expensive models were self propelled and even had key starting.

There are also slashers, Victa edgers and utility mowers that use the Powertorque engines; these usually have a straight intake manifold like the ones featured in the newer V50 engine pack, and are said to have more horsepower.